Our Community

Southeast Texas

Each staff member within our agency is proud to call Southeast Texas their home. You’ll find us at grocery stores, local events, and spending time with our kids at local youth activities! Some of us have lived in this area our whole lives, and some of us for only seasons at a time. Regardless of the amount of time we’ve been here, we are grateful to our community and honored to provide insurance in Southeast Texas. However, our desire to serve our community doesn’t stop at providing the best insurance in Southeast Texas. We are also proud to support our community in a variety of ways!

Coastal Communities

Bolivar Peninsula, Galveston County

There is a saying that “once you get sand between your toes, you can never get it out”. I believe that is very true. We have had the opportunity to make memories on the Bolivar Peninsula since our family purchased a home here in 1972. The roots in this area grow quickly and deep. We have found an attachment here that has reached through generations in our own family. Our original home was destroyed by hurricane Ike and like many we rebuilt to hopefully continue to grow memories within a new generation. Whether you are looking for investment property or a family retreat in Bolivar, Galveston or any of the coastal communities, we hope that you will find an attachment that has been shared by our family and many of those that continue to be unable to shake the sand from their toes.